The Brand 

Maji is a unique and original Taiwanese term, deriving from the English word “match” – it represents strong connections and long-lasting relationships between good friends.

Other than the devotion and sincerity in friendships, Maji also symbolize the special times shared and enjoyed with loved ones. The two partners who brought Maji to the Vancouver scene are back to present their valued clients with equivalently high-quality cuisine – these ready-to-eat meals are prepared in a way so that even those who lead busy lives can enjoy them without worrying about inputting too much time and effort for preparation.

Kitchen by Maji aims to resolve the modern metropolitan lifestyle in which work and health are often coinciding with one another. By introducing the convenience of worry-free meal prep into part of your daily routine, you can easily enjoy delicious craftsmanship anytime, anywhere.


The Concept

Maji’s prep meals can be easily prepared for your enjoyment – just take them out of the freezer and heat by microwaving the contents, putting the package in boiling water, or by steaming. Feast on chef-quality cuisine in the comfort of your own home, and bask in the simplicity and healthiness of Maji’s products.


The Upcoming

If you are looking to enjoy meats that are both fresh and tender, but lack the time to visit the grocery store, Maji’s got your back. With years of experience in chef-crafted cuisine, Maji has the ability to source and prepare fresh meat with strict adherence to the food safety regulations required by Canadian Food Inspection Agency services. Prepared without additives or preservatives, you can enjoy the meats in its freshest and most flavourful state.